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Keeping you informed whilst face to face appointments at Independent Hearing Care are on temporary pause due to Covid 19

We are happy to announce we are open from Monday 18th May


Independent Hearing Care are happy to announce we will be reopening on Monday 18th May!

The government has always deemed audiology an essential role to help the public and we were exempt from the lockdown. And now our professional bodies, BSHAA and BAA, have given us very clear guidelines for safe method of practice for both our staff and for you, the patient.

It has been a bit of a nightmare sourcing the correct PPE and we are still working towards adapting the clinic but by the 18th May we will have put into place strict infection control precautions required.

We will be giving more information and instructions as and when we are booking or confirming appointments, but here are just a few points to note –

  • We practice the highest standard of professional clinical hygiene
  • We use sterile, single-use disposable products where possible
  • We always clean our hands before and after seeing a customer
  • After each appointment we will clean all equipment, door handles and hard surfaces
  • Customers will be asked to sanitise their hands before and after the appointment
  • We will be providing single use masks for patient’s use
  • We are extending appointment times to avoid more than one person in at a time
  • Any patient who feels slightly ill or has been in contact with a symptomatic person is being asked not to attend their appointment
  • We can offer you a home visit if you prefer (not wax removal, this is all in clinic)

We are really looking forward to being back at work and doing what we enjoy most and that is helping and supporting all our wonderful patients.

In the meantime, look after you yourselves and stay safe.

Ear care advice from Isabella Fisher


The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenging time for many people, but I can only imagine how difficult it must be for those who are hard of hearing, especially if they are experiencing problems with their hearing aids. In these unprecedented times when we are asked to practice social distancing, maintaining good hearing is more important than ever. Hearing and communication are essential in a time of emergency. In isolation we need to be able to communicate virtually via a phone and other virtual platforms not only with our loved ones but with our Doctor, the Pharmacist and Emergency Services.

Isabella Fisher, Independent Hearing Care is a family run business where our ethos is “we listen so you can hear”. At present, following government advice, I am not able to give any face to face support, but I can still listen and would be happy to give telephone/Skype advice to anyone with hearing issues or if you are having any problems with your hearing aids. This obviously applies to my existing patients but in this unsettling period it is also open to any hearing aid users, private or NHS completely free of charge. I might also be able to help with battery supply and minor repairs on a case-by-case basis in line with government guidelines. Any help or advice will be given completely free of charge during this unsettling period.

However, not being able to hear does not always mean a hearing loss.

Wax build up is a common reason for temporary hearing impairment.
If you are suffering with ear wax, there is very little you can do in terms of self-medication. In normal circumstances we would advise a visit to your Doctor or to visit our clinic for a physical examination of the outer ear and if needed, microsuction wax removal. Only a professional, with the necessary training and equipment, can distinguish between the many ear conditions that have the same or similar symptoms to an ear wax blockage.

If you are confident it is ear wax blockage then do not try to scoop it out yourself. To quote the words said by many audiologists, “do not put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear”, as this will only compact the wax. There are safer methods that can be effective, such as ear drops. But remember not to use them if you have a perforated ear drum.

We recommend the use of olive oil, such as Earol. Olive oil is a natural product, and will soften and lubricate the wax, potentially loosening it up to make its own way out of the ear. It may at first make the blockage feel worse as the spray will fills all the gaps. Do not worry, keep using it and given enough time it should eventually work.

We generally do not recommend ear drops with active ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda or hydrogen peroxide. They are safe to use for a few days before an ear wax removal but left in your ear any longer may leave you open to an outer ear infection causing severe pain. While there is never a good time to get an ear infection, now is definitely not a good time.

We understand that having hearing problems or blocked ears can be very frustrating so if you think we can help please call us on 07592 502152 or alternatively email us with your details and we will add you to our waiting list for appointments when they become available;



Due to the Covid-19 virus, Independent Hearing Care has temporarily paused any face to face appointments.

We will continue to provide a limited hearing aid repair service. Please call 07592 502 152.

Our Facebook page also contains tips and tutorials on how to keep your ears healthy and hearing aids working efficiently.

From everyone at Independent Hearing Care, stay safe and look after your loved ones. We look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

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